Diy ...Ankara , Entuma Or (African Print) Look For Old Fashion Items (Dutch

Diy applying Ankara cloth on my old fashion items Items Ankara or entoma cloth (you may use any typ of cloth) glue gun or fabric glue scissors thread (black) needle dont forget to sub ,like and comment xox God bless extra info :What is Ankara? Ankara are vibrant patterns of very rich colorful designs. It is mostly made of 100% cotton or cotton poly material. Originally the wax resist dyed fabrics were exported to the Gold Coast and spread over West Africa into Central Africa and were largely produced in Nigeria. They became extremely popular over time and were initially worn as every day casual outfits customized to suit the designs of the person wearing it. Nowadays they are primarily made in Ghana and have a strong cultural, social and economic importance.

Uploaded: GoldenyaaAsamoah  on Mar 6, 2013

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